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 Founded in 2012                                                                                       501C3  Non-Profit since 2015
Welcome to P4S
Paws 4 Soldiers Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization owned by Retired Veteran Robert Johnson and operated by Veterans in North Carolina. Veterans helping Veterans carry on with their life. P4S works with Veterans who may suffer from:

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD):  a mental health condition that can be triggered by terrifying event(s). Symptoms may include but not limited to: flashbacks, nightmares, severe anxiety about an event that has happened.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI): also known as intracranial injury, occurs when an external force traumatically injures the brain. TBI can cause a host of physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and behavioral effects.

Limited Physical needs: such as but not limited to bracing and balance, stress overload, crowd barrier, night mare assistance, and hearing

By being a Non-Profit Organization Paws 4 Soldiers Inc. is able to help more Veterans free of charge meaning there is NO COST TO THE VETERAN!

 1.      Veterinary spay or neutering, rabies and microchip.  Service dog supplies are taken care of: crate ,bowls, leashes, collars,  food*, and service vest  are  all free.

2.      Veterans also get free training with a Master trainer in group settings.

3.      Veterans work on Obedience, Handling skills, Crowd settings, Event settings, and Tasking. 

4.      P4S training program is set up for Veterans to be involved in the Service dog training from the start to certification. 

5.       P4S has group field trips taking Veterans out in public teaching them: how to deal with crowds, going in to businesses and restaurants, how to deal with being denied access, and fun outings such as; mall shopping, fishing, festivals, and local events.

6.      P4S offers the Veteran a new "Family Unit" and provides the Veterans the opportunity to make new friends.