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 Founded in 2012                                                                                       501C3  Non-Profit since 2015
Common Questions Asked
What types of dogs does Paws 4 Soldiers use?
Paws 4 Soldiers Service Dogs or Emotional Support are primarily Boxers, German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, Newfoundland but any breed can be used if it meets the requirements. All dogs are tested under Paws 4 Soldiers Temperament and Nerve Test (TNT) before being accepted in to training program.

How does Paws 4 Soldiers get the dogs they train to be Service or Emotional Support Dogs?
Most of our dogs are donated by Humane Societies, Breeders, People looking to re-home their pet or the Veteran has their own dog. 

Can Paws 4 Soldiers train a Veteran own dog to be their Service or Emotional Support Dog?
Yes, as long as the dog meets the following requirements;

  • Must be spayed or neutered, if your dog is needs to be altered we can help you with this.

  • Must be up to date on rabies.

  • Must be in good health 

  • Must be kid friendly, non aggressive or skittish. 

  • Must be proper size for task requirements.

  • You dog must be over 6 months weeks but not over 5 years of age.​

  • Must be able to pass Paws 4 Soldiers, Inc's TNS Test -Temperament , Nerve and Soundness Test

What tasks are Paws 4 Soldiers Service & Emotional Support Dogs trained to do?
​Limited Physical needs: such as but not limited to bracing and balance, stress overload, crowd barrier, night mare assistance, and hearing

What tasks does Paws 4 Soldiers  NOT trained to do?
Paws 4 Soldiers does not train Guide Dogs for people who are blind, to anticipate or detect medical symptoms such as; seizures or low blood sugar, to respond aggressively, to provide personal protection or for the primary benefit of emotional comfort.

Who is eligible for a Paws 4 Soldiers program?
  • Veterans who have served in the United States Military with a physical and or mental disability  
  • Veteran Affair (VA) Doctor suggest that a Service or Emotional Support Dog will enhance their independence or their quality of life are qualified to apply 
  • Paws 4 Soldiers can only accept individuals who live in the State of North Carolina.
  • Must be able to travel to our training location in Salisbury every Tuesday and or  Saturday for the length of training time.
  • Cannot be active duty and or Reserves.
  • Must be able to physically do the training and handle a Service or Emotional Support Dog.
  • Veteran must be able to maintain proper health (Vet checkups, monthly flea/tick & heart wormer and dietary needs) of Service or Emotional Support Dog. 

How long is the waiting list?
Please see Requirement page (click here). Once your Veteran Affair (VA) Doctor signs Paws 4 Soldiers Letter call 704-223-4455 or email us at paws4soldiers@aol.com  letting us know you are ready. We will set up a consult on the next available Monday. This normally takes one to two weeks!!!

 How much does it cost?
There is no cost to the Veteran!

How Does Paws 4 Soldiers raise money?
The majority of funds raised by Paws 4 Soldiers come from caring individuals at our weekend fundraisers. Paws 4 Soldiers also receives support from local businesses, churches and foundations.